Business as usual

This is the time line of a birth in the Alachua county Jail.

Booked in May…..Gave birth on July 4

10:40 am:   “Repeatedly and properly…asked to be taken to the hospital.”

12:16 pm:  Called 911 for an ambulance.

12:28 pm:  Ambulance turned away by the jail staff.

2:30 pm: Contractions 5 minutes apart

3:10 pm: Jail staff calls ambulance

3:15 pm: Baby girl delivered in jail.

•It happened in a county of 250,000 residents where over 80,000 residents are college and university students that represent the best and the brightest of the State.
•It happened in a county where the economic engines are education, medicine  and government.
•It happened in a county which by any standards is predominantly well-educated, professional by occupation, financially comfortable, and politically liberal.
It happened in county with an incarceration ratio of over 1,000 per 100,000 population which is higher than the state average. In a state that had a higher average than the USA who had the highest average in the world.
It did not happen because the “good-ol boys”  are still in charge.
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