Helping babies from the Bench

Helping babies from the bench is the title of a DVD produced by the Zero to Three group that explains how to use the science of early childhood development in court.

“The children who come to us have so little, and we need to give them so much, so that they can make up for those who brought them into the system. The more I learn about the brain, the more I realize how crucial this work is and how important this period of time in the baby’s life is.” The Honorable Cindy Lederman, Miami-Dade County Juvenile Court.

This is a DVD that is 15 or so minutes long that I show as part of the Inward Journey to show some of the dynamics they may have been exposed to as well as their consequences as what their children may be experiencing or had experienced. Experience tells me that the stage has to be carefully set as it can and has triggered some strong emotions. However, none have said they would not have seen it even knowing the feelings and emotions it is apt to trigger.

Published by ZERO TO THREE
200- M St. NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC 20036-3307
Phone (202) 638-1144

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One Response to Helping babies from the Bench

  1. Denise Singer says:

    We gave a presentation yesterday over the internet for judges and attorneys on earl y childhood brain development. We were wanting to show the video by desk top sharing but figured out that we were not able to do that by just using the DVD. We went ahead and gave the summary of the DVD and talk about it a little bit. I was wondering if you had a video file that I could use next time to be able to share it that way. I was also wanting to make it available to all those who participated yesterday. Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks

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