Prison nurseries

Getting Tough on crime makes for a wonderful ten second sound bite and for most makes sense. However, the driving force (the responsible recreational user)of the crime is getting off with little or nothing. For the most part, it is the user that gets off with little or no consequence and the middle man as well as the babies of the middle men and women that end up doing time and the criminal justice system is growing and growing.

Bonding Behind Bars: Do Prison Nurseries Help or Hinder Parenting?


“……Little Ones in the Big House
Prison nurseries aren’t a new phenomenon. New York has had one since 1901, and in the mid–twentieth century, every other state did, too. However, by the 1970s, most states had closed their nurseries because of the relatively small number of eligible inmates and the costs associated with running the programs. Also, the need for programs that help at-risk children stay with their mothers has become more critical. In 1994, Nebraska became the second state to reopen a prison nursery, followed by South Dakota, Ohio, Washington, Illinois, Indiana, California, and West Virginia….”


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