Raisins and meditation

Okay, im not very good at writing but i just want to say thanks to you and everyone you got involved in this meditation. i know i use the skills i have learned from you many times. i do have to say though its like you have a certain calm that is damn near unattainable..What i mean is like the other people you would have come in were very still and calm on the outside but i could feel their emotions when i was around them, with you its like you brought out that inner peace that’s hard to find, and even if i never see you again when i think of peaceful moments i picture sitting out on the visitation patio not saying a word but just feeling the sensations around me. when im eating i savor the tastes now, when i wash my dishes i take my time and just feel the bubbles!! this morning i woke up with terrible morning breath and i sat there for a minute and pondered on the feeling just like the raisins, is that even how you spell raisin? Oops…iI will have to look it up!! Anyways, I just know i never went to treatment, rehab, counseling, or anything else, I am not on any kind of drugs prescription or otherwise…I was not on parole or probation when i got out so that wasnt there to guide me.I just feel your class had a real impact on my life. im not perfect i had it hard for a minute when i first left but i didn’t go backwards this time, that was my third incarceration. i have many felonies and they say im a career criminal. i dont like leaving my house very much but its okay ive got a friend that is giving me the financial backing and push everyday to not give up..


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