Ex-prison chief to plead guilty to receiving bribe

James Crosby plead guilty to accepting kick backs in federal court. What did not happen was that the state of Florida as in the Frankie Valdes case, proved incapable, was unwilling or refused to prosecute the secretary of the Department of Corrections for violation of state laws.
What no one mention in any of the literature surrounding the case is that the only job James Crosby held between graduation from the University of Florida and the Department of Corrections was as a legislative assistant. It could be argued that his moral compass was set in the Florida Legislature.
What is not said about his assistant was that

Ex-prison chief to plead guilty to receiving bribe
Florida official accused of accepting $130,000 from contractor over 3 years

JACKSONVILLE, Florida — Florida’s former prisons chief, ousted amid an wide-ranging investigation into criminal activity within the state corrections system, will plead guilty to accepting kickbacks, according to court documents filed Wednesday……..the federal charge accuses former Florida Corrections Secretary James Crosby of accepting $130,000 from a contractor over a 2 1/2-year period…in the final months of his tenure as corrections secretary, the department faced intense scrutiny over arrests related to alleged steroid abuse by guards, accusations of sexual assault…..the new Corrections Department chief James McDonough fired nine prison officials after a report by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement concluded that Crosby tried to shut down an investigation into possible criminal activity among employees in the prison system. It said Crosby had threatened to review the conduct of one of his employees — whose father was then head of FDLE — if the investigation continued.
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