Death Penalty Review Commission is DOA with new governor/legislature

The Florida Death Penalty Review commission was terminated at the end of the first legislative session after Governor Scott took office. It’s demise occurred in a low-profile and late-emerging House bill during the final hours of the 2011legislative session without deliberation. Essentially, it was transferred to another commission without staffing support or funding.

“Nearly five years ago, an American Bar Association report developed by Florida-based experts, including a state attorney, a former public defender and a former Florida Supreme Court chief justice, raised serious concerns about the administration of the state’s death-penalty process.”

“The alarming backdrop is that the Death Penalty Information Center, an independent Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit, reports that since 1973, Florida has exonerated more death-sentenced inmates than any other state. For instance, Frank Lee Smith was exonerated posthumously after the actual perpetrator was identified. He died of cancer after languishing on death row for 14 years.”

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