All civilian wellness staff have been eliminated as a part of budget cuts

On the surface, this seems like a logical cut but in reality it nothing more than another step down the slippery road of sabotaging programs essential to the proper re-entry of ex-offenders by the elimination of programs that are essential for many inmates to engage competently in life. We are talking of programs like anger management, physical wellness and many life skills not taught elsewhere.
The counter argument on the cuts is that the wellness staff functions are covered by correction officers. This may or may not be the case but what is the case is that the first place they pull officers when a shortage appears is from the wellness programs. That means those programs to be taught are cancelled and seldom rescheduled.
A second problem is that the hours of physical exercise are certain to be reduced. My experience in helping ex-offenders transition is that they are in the sorriest physical condition imaginable. Both in general health and physical conditioning.
I have worked out a deal with the gym I work out for each ex-offender to get a free 3 month guest membership. Then I enlisted the help of a personal trainer to work with the ex-offenders during the same period. The feedback I get from him is that they are in an abysmal state of health and physical conditioning.
All of which directly impacts on their ability to engage competently in life. The body has to be in reasonable condition to deal with stress and make decisions.

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