Narco gangster reveals the underworld

In a surreal way, the violence and blood shed in Mexico may seem like a rather detached phenomena that is of no concern to us. However, the fuel that feeds this violence is the assorted drug addictions north of the border that the Mexican cartels are competing for in an illegal market place of chaos where law and order is a fantasy. They are simply meeting a demand and it is strong enough in itself that it is generating millions and millions of dollars a month.The competition to meet this demand is also so strong that the gang wars have emerged among the assorted cartel’s competing for market shares in the US. Maybe the murder and mayhem would not be so bad in itself if it was confined to the cartel members but it also includes members and relatives of assorted cartel members. We are talking about the murder of women and children who by chance of marriage and birth are dumped into the center of this conflict. However, a cottage industry has arisen that reaches all the way into the halls of congress at a national level to attack the supply side but leave the demand side alone. This is an army of police, agents, lawyers and bureaucrats whose livelihood to dependent on this skewed formula.
The ones caught in the middle between the cartels of the world and the responsible professionals who consider the recreational use of illegal drugs their prerogative are the necessary but disposable foot soldiers of the drug world. These are all too often men and women with an average of sixth grade education and drug habits themselves. My sense is that all too often they are left to their business to the point where they become too careless or addicted themselves and then they are harvested of their profits and put into jail by the criminal justice complex that has the rule of law, power of the gun and authority of the assorted civil forfeiture acts that generate assorted slush funds that can make them unresponsive to the public officials that provide them with tax dollars.
There is a very good article on the subject of the violence that has been generated by the Mexican drug trade in Mexico at
There is a group of ex-law enforcement officers and judges that track corruption, violence and scope of the drug trade at
Then there was a recently convened panel of foreign legislatures and presidents that declared the war on drugs a failure
Finally, there are two perspectives of mine that were published in the editorial section of the Gainesville Sun: The ‘House of Usher’ and Latin America and The ecology of cocaine

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