Commission may spend $5.5M more on GPD renovations

Tell me illegal drugs are not big business. My home town of Gainesville, Florida has a population of just over 100,000 of which the University of Florida is the main economic engine. The city is going to rebuild the structure that houses the police department. “Of the $5.5 million, $1.5 million will come from funds taken during drug busts and $4 million from a bond issue, which will be paid off through the 1.5 percent of funding that accounts for GPD’s employment vacancies — the time between employees leaving and new ones joining the agency.” Not all that long ago, I was doing some research on dangerous cities and found out that of all cities in the United States of America over 50,000 population, only 8 percent of them were more dangerous than Gainesville. It makes for a scary picture when you think that the best and the brightest youth from all of the state come here for their education. The question that sits in my mind is are the students following the drugs or are the drugs following the students.
One another level, the county commission is in the process of building a jail annex to extend the jail’s capacity from over 1,000 inmates to who knows what.

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