Limiting the use of shackles on pregnant prisoners

Below is a sample format to use as a mailer be it snail or electronic to focus action on legislatures that have the action on an issue.

Take Action! Support AB 568 – Limiting the use of shackles on pregnant prisoners

We are almost to the Governor’s desk! Thank you to all of you who have already written letters of support for this bill. We still need your help as we are getting closer to improving conditions for pregnant prisoners in California! AB 568, which will ban the use of shackles on most pregnant women, will be heard in the Senate Public Safety Committee next Tuesday 6/7. We need your help to continue to show California’s support of this important bill.

You can help in 2 ways:

1) Send a letter of organizational or individual support for AB 568! Please fax your letter in by end of the business day Friday June 3rd to 916-445-4688. Contact Lisa Marie Alatorre at for sample letters.

2) Take 10 minutes to call the members of the Senate Public Safety and encourage them (especially the Republican members of the committee) to vote AYE for AB 568 on Tuesday June 7th!
Member District Party Room Phone Fax
Anderson, Joel (Vice-Chair) 36 R 2054 916 651 4036 916 447 9008
Calderon, Ronald 30 D 5066 916 651 4030 916 327 8755
Hancock, Loni (Chair) 9 D 2082 916 651 4009 916 327 1997
Harman, Tom 35 R 5094 916 651 4035 916 445 9263
Liu, Carol 21 D 5061 916 651 4021 916 324 7543
Price, Curren 26 D 2057 916 651 4026 916 445 8899
Steinberg, Darrell 6 D 205 916 651 4006 916 323 2263

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One Response to Limiting the use of shackles on pregnant prisoners

  1. sandi says:

    Yes, absolutely! And should be removed for death, too. Many battered women-mothers are dying from Cancer and are in comas. Unconscious people do not need to be shackled.
    The ex Governor from AZ knew full well that incarcerated women were being shackled and left in the sun to die. She is now in charge of Home Land Security….what does this say about our Government. Today our First Lady is in Africa as a shinning example of how to treat women… is a joke. Thousands of battered women-mothers are in prison across America! And are among the forgotten. Why do we even incarcerate them to begin with….needs to be a real question for Presidental hopefuls.

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