Rational steps to reduce prison population

From the state of California (a statewide alliance of over 40 organizations known as Californians United for a Responsible Budget (CURB)) comes a rational series of steps to safely reduce the prison population and not endanger the public at large. All of which is a response to the supreme court mandate for California to reduce their prison population by 30,000 men and woemn. Below are the key points in their agenda:

Reforming drug sentencing laws by making possession of small amounts of drugs a misdemeanor instead of a felony.
Eliminating return-to-custody as a sanction for administrative and technical parole violations.
Making low-level, non-violent property offenses misdemeanors instead of “wobblers” which can be charged as a felony.
Repealing or amending the three strikes law so that the second and third strike must also be classified as “serious or violent”.
Providing education and/or job training to every person in prison.
Expanding “good time” credits.
Providing independent community-based drug, mental health treatment and reentry services to people coming home from prison.
Releasing or discharging all people who are terminally ill and permanently medically incapacitated by expanding medical parole and utilizing compassionate release.
Releasing elderly prisoners.
Paroling term-to-life prisoners who are parole eligible.
Amending or repealing juvenile life without parole convictions
Releasing people who are “mentally ill” to community-based mental health treatment programs.

As they point out, most of these strategies have been initiated in one state or another already. For more information, You can go to: . http://curbprisonspending.org/?p=476

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