Financial burden for ex-offenders going to college

We are in hard times and jobs are scarce. For ex-offenders that makes their chances of recidivism sky rocket. For ex-offenders with addictions, it is an invitation for a disaster. College is an option that is all too often dismissed as just plain impossible. I have seen a lot of ex-offenders go to college and really do well. I argue that if there is no jobs for them now and even if there were why not go to college. Not all ex-offenders are equal and each carries the variables of their charges as well as their parents income and debt status as part of the wreckage from the past. Also, greatly affecting the ex-offender equation is family status as well as what is their proposed area of study.
From my perspective, ex-offenders that are addicts as well have the most to gain from going to school. On one level they get periodic rewards for substitution of new behaviors for the old addictive patterns of behavior. The also develop the skills to work through difficult situations. They also have long range goals to sustain them in periods of despondency, despair and depression. They learn new socialization skills being with a group of students that are apt to be more open to accepting them. I could on and on but i think y’all get the picture.
The following links are points of consideration in helping to make the proper decisions as to a cost benefit of going to college for those up to the challenge.

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