Interim Jail director suspended

This is a story that has yet to play itself out but is worth keeping an eye on. What is known is available at:

The stain spreads but not much is known. Four employees in four months are now suspended from their jobs at the Alachua County Jail. We are now talking about the absence of four leaders. The questions that comes out of this. If five leaders are suspended, how long has this been going on and what kind of training program for the leadership was in place under the previous jail director who is now Deputy of Juvenile Justice. The absence of four leaders at an already understaffed jail is taxing for those who remain.
None of the details of the investigations into the four suspended employees, or if they are related, have been released.

Alachua County Sheriff’s Office Captain Norman Adkins has been placed on administrative suspension pending the results of an active internal investigation. Captain Adkins was named as the Interim Jail Director on May 8, 2011, after former Director Robert Woody announced his resignation in April in order to accept a position as the Deputy Secretary with the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) in Tallahassee. Captain Adkins has been employed since October 10, 1988.

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