A fatal flaw

Six years ago the Florida Supreme Court asked the Legislature to fix Florida’s fatally flowed death law. A couple of days ago, a federal judge in Miami ruled the death penalty law is unconstitutional. Ten men have been executed in the last six years under a law that the state was notified by its own supreme court as flawed. Makes you wonder that if a law that can take a man’s life is this flawed and no one pays attention to it, how many other laws are equally flawed that no one is paying attention? The second question to fall out of this equation is: if ten men were knowingly executed under an unconstitutional law, who if anyone will be held accountable?


Florida says U.S. Judge erred in death ruling: “….The ruling by U.S. District Judge Jose E. Martinez applies only to the case of a convicted murderer currently on Florida’s Death Row, but legal experts say it will likely spark a series of challenges across the state in death cases. They also say it could be used to seek stays of execution…….”It could have a dramatic impact, a life or death impact,” said Kendall Coffey, a former federal prosecutor now in private practice. “It says that essential elements in criminal cases have to be found by a jury, not by a judge.”


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