Dayton Daily News (OH) — Criminal records keeping millions of Ohioans jobless

6/25/11 — Justin Gannon has a drawer stuffed with medals for meritorious service in Kosovo and post-Katrina New Orleans. He has a 2009 honorable discharge certificate from the Army National Guard. There’s just one thing he doesn’t have: a job. Gannon fears that’s because of a 2003 misdemeanor assault conviction resulting from a bar fight in Beavercreek. On several occasions, he said, he has actually landed a job only to have the offer rescinded after they learn about his record.

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3 Responses to Dayton Daily News (OH) — Criminal records keeping millions of Ohioans jobless

  1. Willie Pete says:

    Holy SHIT!!! I cannot believe what I am reading! Gannon received an Article 15 while in Kosovo.
    I was in the Army with PVT Gannon, that’s right, Private! Did you ask him why he had no rank? Maybe it was because while in Kosovo he disobeyed General Order #1…no alcohol. He snuck alcohol on base and got drunk on New Years Eve. He put himself, his unit and everyone around him in danger. We were operating at the time on the FYROM boarder where gun shots were common, live grenades were rigged to fence gates, land mines still lay from the Balkan War. There were times we were called out the gate with a 30 min timeframe to leave the gate.
    He was suspected of drinking in the past but was only caught the one time. In addition he would show up to formation unshaven, the wrong uniform, late or not at all because he was sleeping. He also had a violent temper…he had some major issues.
    This poor me crap is ridiculous. He was in for 6 years, not eight and was banned from reenlisting because of his past behavior. He didn’t care about the Army, he didn’t value why so many respect the American flag.
    What a shitty story and terrible reporting. I am ashamed to think Cox Publishing is putting out such crap stories and making veterans that are truly honorable and deserving be placed next to this dirt bag.
    I’ve wasted enough of my life already telling you this.

    Never reading your crap paper again, Out!!!!!!!

  2. kcwalpole says:

    Undoubtedly, Willie Pete has some strong feelings about PVT Gannon. However, he misses the point of the article. Conviction of a felony is not a mere sentence measured in terms of time served. Conviction of any felony be it shoplifting or murder is a lifelong sentence and impacts on the convicted every day of their life. Getting a job in a limited job market is a hard experience made harder because there are so many without a felony. Think in terms of renting a house or apartment. Everyone requires a background check. Think in terms of insurance, loans and etc. There are 13 million felons in the country. That is a low budget labor pool without benefits for industry.
    This was the story and now for the story behind the story. The saddest part of this story is the kids that are born into this situation. Statistically, they are doomed to a life of addictions, abuse and incarceration. In our society by virtue of having a parent that was incarcerated they will have upwards of a 50 percent chance of being incarcerated. Not only will they be incarcerated but statistically they will have somewhere around a 6th grade education and 70 percent will have an addiction.
    There is the story and the story behind the story.

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