Employing Your Mission: Building Cultural Competence In Reentry Service Agencies

This toolkit, co-published by the Fortune Society and John Jay College of Criminal Justice, addresses several interrelated issues regarding the successful reentry into society of formerly incarcerated men and women. First, it discusses a reentry crisis of unparalleled proportions currently facing communities in the United States. Because incarceration both profoundly impacts those who experience it and disproportionately affects low‐income people of color, the response to it needs to be culturally competent. Second, there is an important employment component to individuals’ reentry experience. While stable employment is critical to the successful reintegration into society of those returning home, the formerly incarcerated nonetheless confront significant barriers to employment, including discrimination based on their conviction records. Finally –and this is the core of this toolkit– one way to address both of these issues is to build “cultural competence” within reentry services by hiring formerly incarcerated men and women to reflect the experiences and realities of the reentry population and provide services more effectively. To download this toolkit, click here.TOOL_KIT_2Employing_Your_MissionFINALLoResEmailable110501

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