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The Real Costs and Benefits of Change: Finding Opportunities for Reform During Difficult Fiscal Times

Legislators across the country are currently looking at state budgets for areas to cut, and many have already made reductions to juvenile justice programming. Advocates have worked for years to achieve reform, only to see the fruit of their efforts … Continue reading

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Providing Effective Family-based Treatment Services for Justice-Involved Individuals

NRRC Webinar: Providing Effective Family-based Treatment Services for Justice-Involved Individuals Research indicates the importance of including family members, including children, in the treatment process of a loved one who is incarcerated. Family-based treatment services should be an essential component of … Continue reading

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A $20 gift for travel

Don’t know that I have ever been so touched as the $20 that was left for me while I was out this morning. It was from a man that heard about the trip and has struggled mightily with addictions most … Continue reading

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Students must do more while getting less for Bright Futures

Florida students (and most likely all students) must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid to receive the scholarships. In part, this is because there is usually some sort of influx of federal money somewhere and it is also … Continue reading

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Some research on meditation

A lot has been said about the power of meditation and its recuperative powers in medicine and penology. Where as the National Institute of Health has picked up the ball and commissioned some series research on it to test its … Continue reading

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A fatal flaw

Six years ago the Florida Supreme Court asked the Legislature to fix Florida’s fatally flowed death law. A couple of days ago, a federal judge in Miami ruled the death penalty law is unconstitutional. Ten men have been executed in … Continue reading

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SFC eases up on mandating on-site student orientation

There have been some new trends building in the world of college loans and grants that ex-offenders should be aware of prior to starting down the road to admissions. Not that it should be a major obstacle but because they … Continue reading

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