Presentation coordination

This is a basic coordination schema for the presentations in the hopes that the basics don’t fall through the cracks.

Points of Coordination and Communication:
1. We will arrive two hours ahead of time to set the computer up to the projector. We will have a back up cable that goes from the computer to monitor that will plug into the projector with a USB plug. We have a portable projector with an LCD bulb that projects a hundred inch diagonal image. It is new and there is no way to determine how it will respond to several thousand miles on the road carried by motorcycle.
2. Our driving time is computed on our TomToms and we will add one hour to the driving time for each 400 miles. That is to allow for gas stops.
3. We will set our TomToms to the address in the Calendar the night prior to backwards plan the next days activities. Please check the calendar to make sure we have the correct address.
4. We will be coming in from the road on bikes in the middle of the summer. That means we will be hot and dirty. We will need a place to clean and change clothes. We are self-contained and if need be a sink and bathroom will serve.
5. If at all possible, we will need a secure parking area for the bikes. it is not that anyone will steal the bikes that we are worried about but all our stuff is strapped to the bikes and it is easy to just cut off with a knife or unstrap. If need be we will provide our own security. Just let us know so we can make appropriate plans.
6. If we are coming into town to do a night presentation, it would be helpful to have a place to stay spotted. An empty garage is fine. We are self contained and can sleep on the floor with our bikes. Navigating at night after a day on the road in a strange city presents a lot of unnecessary challenges.
7. Two days out, we will contact the person coordinating the event by phone or email to make sure we are up on any last minute changes. I can be reached on the road by phone or text at (352) 222-0006 and by email at Bear in mind that if we are on the road, it may take a while to respond.
8. It would be helpful to have a friendly motorcycle repair shop that is close by spotted so that in case we need to have work done on the bikes we can have it done in the most efficient manner. Most likely, we will have to change tires in San Diego after crossing the deserts in the southwest. That should be the only predictable major maintenance stop. The rest are oil changes every 2,000 miles.
9. We do come with begging bowls and understand that each stop will have a different way of handling it. We will make no demands and accept whatever is offered.
10. Our primary purpose is to raise the sense of awareness of Women and Children in the Jails and Prisons of the Nation and how people can contribute to a solution within their own comfort zones. We are not about making rants against the system. The solutions are simple, practical and cost little money on the part of the state, individual or organization.
11. Our intention is to arrive with as quietly, put on the show and leave without a trace. We are and will appreciative of all the help given but will make no demands.
12. If new opportunities for presentations arise then we will go were ever as long as we can remain in sync with the previously established schedule.
13. This is not about us. It is about those that were born to situations where they could not get to the starting blocks of life and ended up with a life of abuse, addictions and incarcerations. It is important to remember in this process that we don’t have choices till we know that we have choices. To this we dedicate all the merits that we may accrue in the odyssey.
14. Where as we make no demands for funds, when our funds reach $1,000 we are directed to turn our bikes to Florida and return home. This is not our choice but the realities of life. We can operate on kindness and good wishes. However, our bikes require gas and oil which costs money.

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