D-1 What can be

In 24 hours the odyssey begins. In theory, everything is planned and coordinated but who knows what the reality will be. The one thing for sure is that we will travel where ever we have to and can reach to speak of women and children in the Jails and prisons of the nation.

I am told that the blog is turning into a useful resource for those coming out of prison as well as for those that would support them in their transition. Never quite anticipated that turn of events but if it is to be and that is fine then we need some experiential input from those that have made the transition in the form of first hand accounts of what has worked as well as what has not worked. This is needed as much for the classes I teach in prison as for those that have or are getting out.

Would also like to think that this could be a useful forum for those who would like to volunteer as well as those that have tons of volunteer experience. Then again, maybe we can plant some seeds in the creation of new programs.

Know I wish each and every person well.

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One Response to D-1 What can be

  1. Michael Ryugen Moriarty says:

    Travel safely, KC!

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