Well this is it. On the road in two hours. The bike is packed and what on the surface appears to be the easiest part of just riding and talking. If all goes well with the riding and lots of talking it is only because there have been maybe 40 people that have put in an ungodly number of hours making this a possibility.

There were all the writers that synthesized maybe 25 editorials that dated back to January of 2003 into a single eBook(PDF). There are all the countless readers that read those editorials prior to their submission to the paper. There are all those that helped me with the PowerPoint. A PowerPoint that morphed 19 times over the last 6 or so months. Last night went over the first one just to get a sense of how it had changed and know it changed greatly. It is now where we can give a very technical presentation of can go with an emotional laden over view.

Then there are all those that helped with the scheduling and countless other background tasks too numerous to mention. Then again, there are the techies that went over equipment, phones and etc to the point that I thought would go crazy. It felt so good to be able to take a 500 plus mile ride in the Florida sun and then know that at the end of the ride was cold water and a hot meal and maybe 4 more hours of preparation for the slide and equipment.

There were a couple of motorcycle mechanics that thought i was totally insane. They did some really great work not only on the bike but on my brain housing group. In all fairness, I have logged in over 20,000 miles getting ready for this 11,0000 mile ride. However, in the end, I think I will most likely be the most thankful for the man who put a gel pad inside the motorcycle seat. He also gave me some really good tips on how to and what to look out for, The final buzz word is Gold Bond Medicated Powder.

Finally and most important are the ladies that are at and have passed through Lowell CI, Broward CI, and Gadsden CI. Have lead maybe some 18 five day meditation retreats there and more than once, I had the feeling that if the powers to be were to call me out and then judge me by the company I kept on my death that I would be in good stead. As a professional soldier I have seen more than a fair amount drama and trauma. However, nothing I have seen matches the consequences of how women and children are treated this country that I have fought and was willing to die. Making this travesty known and not only offering but effecting a solution is something I am committed to with every fiber of my existence.

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