Day 4

Miles Traveled: 271 miles
Location: New Orleans

Today was a travel day and our first full camping experience on the road. We arrived in New Orleans at the end of the journey. A journey that started with the pristine tranquility of Panama City and ended in the middle of a chaotic New Orleans rush hour some 271 miles later. The single biggest impression I have is that we are really screwing up the air. I have been in a lot of rush hour traffic but never like this and on the back of a motorcycle. The exhaust from the cars, trucks, buses and etc absolutely sucks. It is one thing to be partially dehydrated and sitting on top of an 1,100 CC engine that has been traveling at Highway speeds for the better part of a day and that does not include the rains we hit in Pensacola.

As we were creeping through the traffic, it occurred to me that there must be at least 100 cities the size of New Orleans on the planet all spewing exhaust. There has got to be a better way and I have no idea what it is.

Our day started out in Panama City and we had hopes of enjoying a scenic trip to Pensacola Beach. That was quickly dispelled by a traffic jam in one of the towns right after leaving Panama City. So we decided to cut up to I-10 and skip the scenic beach ride with lunch on Pensacola Beach. Going across Pensacola Bay we saw the clouds of a rain storm and knew we were in trouble.

So after crossing the bay, we pulled into a gas station to fill up the tanks and put our rain suits on. Rain suits are good but only for so long and the their water resistance depends on the strength of the storm as well as the traffic. Trucks and buses tend to throw a lot of water that only complicates matters.

Back on the road and now there is nothing to do but get wet and drive as best we can. In the middle of the worst rain, a silver colored auto past and pulled in front of me. It did not have its running lights on and in the darkness of the rain it simply vanished. Slowed down, hoping that someone would get in front of me with running lights would keep me from climbing into the tail pipes of the silver colored care in front of me should it slow down. No such luck. Prayed that it would not slow down to make a turn and my prayers were answered.

We came out of the rains in Alabama and headed in the tunnel at Mobile, Alabama. It was a pleasant experience. The half moon you see is the top of my windshield. Not much else to say about the ride except that while in Mississippi, never pull off the road for gas unless you can see a gas station from the road.
The big event for the day was and is the one piece backpackers stove. It folds up into a container that holds two cups of water. It takes exactly 2 minutes to bring two cups of water to a rolling boil. One container of fuel will last 10 days if you make one pot of coffee, one container of oatmeal and one container of rice. However, our reality is several containers of coffee which means maybe five days. Got a french press to go with it and the coffee is oh so good.

This is my desk for the night. A basic but self contained operation. Know that I wish each and every one well.

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3 Responses to Day 4

  1. Marcia says:

    Travel safely and know that we keep both of you in prayer. KC, on behalf of so many that may never have the opportunity to thank you for what you doing…..THANK YOU. It is so refreshing to see someone work so hard to educate people on the reality of this situation and to risk so much to do so…..

  2. kc says:

    Sounds as if the challenge is great. Not to exclude the ones you are presented while carrying your message across the states. On behalf of the Gateless Gate Zen Center we send our hopes and well wishes Sir….

  3. David Wright says:

    As I ride my bicycle a lot, it is very clear just how much smoke and junk is thrown into the air. . and as well, noise pollution is very very bad these days too, much worse than in most of human history.

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