Day 5

Location: New Orleans
Miles: 0

It is late and am very tired. Night has fallen and we have 1,100 or so miles to travel in the next 3 or 4 days. The weather is obscenely hot and humid. If all goes well, we will be on the east side of Houston when out heads hit the pillows. Tomorrow is motel and laundry day. Got lots of good photos today that I will post while doing laundry.

Laundry is a must as the rain and humidity give new mean to rank smells. Also, there are a lot of misc items that need a deeper cleaning than can be given at a camp site. Then again the electronics need an opportunity to dry out and get repacked.

Once we leave the Houston area, there will be a lot of hot and dry riding. Just checked out the heat map and we are looking at over 6 hours on the bikes in 100 plus temperatures. A motel with a pool might be in order. Don’t have a swim suit but can figure something out. Know I wish each and every one well. And that is the way it is today.

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One Response to Day 5

  1. David Wright says:

    That has got to be very very rough with this recent heat wave. I know that central Texas has had a full week’s temp of over 100. . .and with humidity its had a heat index of almost 120. . . To your best to take care of yourself KC, and know that lots of warm thoughts and prayers are with ya ! ! !

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