Day 8

Miles Traveled: 317
Location: Van Horn, Texas

Other than we are still in west Texas, where ever I am it is on top of the world. There is big sky all around, the temperature is hot and dry. The bike is holding up much better than the rider in my case. Not that there are any problems but this is day 8 and have seen a lot of miles pass under my boots which are are about 8 inches above the highways and byways of the south. Highway life in west Texas starts on entering the highway at 80 MPH and dose not change till you hit the reserve and pray there is a gas station before you run out.

As we were pulling into a camp ground, one man came up to us and asked if we had any experience riding in the deserts of the southwest. Other than some 700 miles, I said no. Well, in a very informative way, he said that he and his wife were riders of long experience in the Southwest and that heat problems were serious. They said to ride with long sleeve shirts and drink lost of water. Once heat problems set in, things move south very fast. In the meantime, I pray, pour the sun screen on my arms while pouring gas into my tank. A variation of ‘praise the lord and pass the ammunition.’

As fast as we moved over the highways of west Texas is the faster the scenery changed but did not change. The operative words are big sky and lots of space punctuated by more big sky and lots of space. I-10 is a ribbon of concrete that goes on an indefinite continuum to no where. No sooner than one hill is crested than another indefinite continuum opens up. A wonderful doorway to insanity.

Speaking of fast, got a couple of back channel emails saying to the effect of KC, now smell being that important? Louann Brizendine, M.D. author of The Female Brain and Gabor Mate who wrote In the Realm of the Hungry Ghosts both writers that use a lot of biology to explain behaviors that have been wired into us through countless eons. It is important to understand this wiring because it goes a long way to explain how and why we do things subconsciously and wonder why.

As a case in point, take Dr. Brizendine’s description of the Teen age brain: The teenage years are a turbulent time. The teen girl’s brain is sprouting, reorganizing and pruning neuronal circuits that drive the way she thinks, feels, and acts-and obsesses over her looks. Her brain is unfolding ancient instructions on how to be a woman. During puberty, a girl’s entire biological raison d’être to become sexually desirable. She begins judging herself against her peers and media images of other attractive females. This brain state is created by the surge of new hormones on top of the ancient female genetic blueprint.

Once the inmates understand what was going on in their minds and related behavior was a natural process that got waylaid, then it becomes easier to shed the guilt and shame and start working the practice of meditation. In so doing, more often than not they find they are not their thinking and their thinking is not who they are and this marks the beginning of the Inward Journey of self discovery.

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1 Response to Day 8

  1. David Wright says:

    Great comments on how the mind develops during puberty, it still daunts me why this is not told to people around that age, 12-13 yr old girls would definitely be able to understand.

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