Day 10

Miles traveled: 57
Woke up in Deming NM going to sleep somewhere west of Deming

Crossed the continental divide today and I have no idea how they figured it was the divide because it was flat and I mean flat. You can click on the photo but no way will the enlarged version do justice to the flatness. We asked for a tent spot at the KOA campground and the manager looked at us like we were some kind of weirdos from outer space. This summer, he had yet to rent out one of his six tent spots. However, there are tons of high priced RVs and every KOA has cabins for $30 or so.

Don’t know that I have ever seen so many long trains that went on forever in one day. This was Sunday and there was one train after the other. Containers appeared to be stacked two high. Never knew there was so much rolling stock in the US. Seemed as if everything went East. Never saw anything headed west.

Internet on top of the world is wild. KOAs have internet but it can be spotty and especially so if a lot of people are using it with streaming video. I have spent as long as two hours trying to get the daily blog out because there is so much interaction with wordpress. Have a Motorola something or another G4 which can become a hot spot for 4 computers but in the flat lands, I doubt the AT&t signals are all that strong. However, one way or another, have been able to get out a blog entry for every day.

Have heard it said that motorcycle riding is a form of meditation and for sure there is that element about it. However, for me, I am constantly checking this or that around me, tracking on cars, thinking about escape routs if I get jammed up here or there. Focusing on engine sounds and so forth. Have gotten into the habit of listening to Joe’s bike and can often tell when he is about to do something before it happens by the changes in the sound of the engine.

All of this processing is going on a very superficial level. I sense underneath there is a lot more going on that is unencumbered but a host of irrelevant input. I will get these insight that amaze me and they will appear as complete thoughts. Case in point was violations of the speed limits serving as training grounds for drugs and other illegal activities. This I will expand on in a separate entry later tonight if I can hold up.

Got to be the only motorcycle rider that travels with his own C-pap machine. I find that on a good day, I need about 8 solid hours of machine air. If not, my decision making abilities are compromised. This i can clearly tell on the motorcycle in the deserts. The machine takes up about half a saddle bag with the compute taking up an entire saddle bag. Then the projector takes up the half a saddle bag the C-pap machine does not use. As a case in point. Finished the blog about midnight and got three hours of sleep with air and woke-up with a driving urge say something on the PDF document I got earlier. Ended up with three hours sleep on air and two without. Could tell the difference in my talk and riding the bike as the heat was doing a number on me. I have to keep remembering is the summer of my 69th cut myself some slack but just can not attain it. Back to the C-pap, the one constant is the C-pap machine provides the shock absorber for the LCD projector.

Today we had a talk in Deming and it was the first talk I had given with only 41 slides. We used my projector and after almost 2,000 miles of motorcycle vibrations in the saddle bags, it worked like a champ. The room had a lot of light but it still held its own. When using walls, you have to be careful they are not rough because there is too much distortion of the light. It will throw a good 100 inch diagonal image which is about as good a big screen TV. Felt good about using 41 slides as it allows a lot of time for questions which in turn allows me to focus on what the audience wants. It was not until today that I truly realized the strength of my talk in that could give this situation human faces.

Am quickly coming to the conclusion of the importance of MBSR character dorm in laying the ground for change.This to I will develop later. Well, it is getting late and have only eaten one meal today. So, will focus on food and then one more blog entry. From my tent in the high plains west of Deming, New Mexico, I wish each and everyone well.

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One Response to Day 10

  1. David Wright says:

    Good talk about the air and how important blood is to the system. . .there is a reason humans breath 10-12 times a minute!!

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