Day 11

Miles Traveled: 252
Location: Somewhere west of Tucson.

This has been the weather of weather days. It started out a nice cool day with no wind. Had a few moments so I took some photos of desert flowers. Actually, there were quite a few of them at the camp site. By 8 am, the wind started to pick-up. Nothing heavy, but a steady wind with no dust. Riding was hot and I mean a strange hot if there is such a thing. If I was to characterize the ride, once we got west of Houston, it seems as if the temperature staid in a window of 100 and 105 degrees. However, today when we pulled out of the camp ground there was a pleasant hot that was almost cool as we rode.

We passed into Arizona and the first indication of a new state was the change of scenery. It was green vegetation that came right up to the road. It felt as if we were finally making progress in our move west-ward. We even found pecan trees on the side of the road. However, it was only a brief respite as new vistas were waiting.

It is as if these are river rocks with the air being river. Nice round smooth rocks that are exposed to the ravages debris being hurdle by the air after being hurdled through miles and miles of air. Lots of food for thought there but not on the back of the motorcycle. However, mother nature had a lot more surprises in store for us.

The first surprise was a sand funnel that appeared to our right. It did not last all that long but was an intreging site while it lasted. Shortly after the sand funnel appeared, we took an hour out for lunch and a search for a rear rack in Tucson. No such luck and after 3 cycle shops we gave up and got back on the road. About the time of the sand funnel there was a noticeable shift if the weather. It became a still heat that was as oppressive as we have experienced since we crossed into the desert.

We have not had a full day of rest and maintenance and we decided that we would get a motel room at 1 pm and keep it till 11 am tomorrow. What a decision it turned out to be. Where as over the last couple of days, we would crest a hill or corner and find a weird wind. However, once we got the rooms then a wind started building. Went out of my room to do some laundry and found myself looking at a dust storm of the likes I have never seen.

The wind that came with the dust storm was horrendous. Was so glad we were not on the road. More than once on this trip, I wondered why there were so few motorcycles going across the high country in the southwest. While getting change to do my laundry that manager of the motel told me that a rain should follow the dust storm but none had all summer. Had no idea what kind of rain she was talking about for 20 or so minutes. Then the bottom fell out of the sky and for the second time in 30 or so minutes I was so glad I was not on the road.

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2 Responses to Day 11

  1. Vickie says:

    Do you need a place to stay when you are in the Sacramento area this Thursday? Where is the presentation in Sacramento area? I am in Davis, about 20 minutes from downtown Sac. Wishing you many auspicious connections of those who can and will really help with this great need, Kay Marie Endres

    • kcwalpole says:

      Let me get back to you tonight once the dust settle from the day’s activities. . if i don’t, then ping me..Still in the dark on a couple of questions. Know i wish ya well.

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