Day 15 The rest is over and it is back on the road

Miles Traveled: 20
Location: Chula Vista, California

The Honey Mooners
One of our neighbors was commenting, it just dose not get any better. The high is 75 degrees and the low is 65 degrees. Can’t help but think there are maybe 300 million Americans that would agree with him at this point. Speaking of neighbors. We have this newly wed couple next to us. They are on their honeymoon and doing it in a very simple but elegant way. They are living out of their car and sleeping in what is called a two man tent but what I would call a 3/4 person tent. Whatever it is there is just something simplistic and elegant in the way they are doing things. For sure they are gone all day and living out of a large cooler in their car. I do wish them well.

California Clean-up
While in one campsite they had ducks cleaning the crumbs of the campers and in another there were chickens and doves but California does it with blackbirds. Brave as bold, they went through occupied and unoccupied camp sites eating whatever crumbs were ont he ground. This is one of those situations where everyone wins.

Our little camp ground
This is what I call down the avenue a couple of blocks down. There are maybe 200 mobile home camp sites and I mean the likes I seldom see. On a rather facetious note, I suspect it costs maybe $10,000 a night to camp out when our little tent camp site was $40. Having said that, I would have traded my eye teeth for a night in one of those trailers in the high desert not too many days ago. In fact, would be glad to do it tonight.

Camp ground showersMorning Clean-up
There is an incredible human interaction here while waiting in line for a shower to open. You never know who you are going to follow as they come out of who knows what shower. Having said that, there is also a very nice feeling of congeniality. There are also a lot of Europeans here from the languages that can be heard among those waiting. It is not exactly a line but more people just waiting.

Let us not forget what we are doing and the trip is aboutChildren havingchildren
This is about women and children in the jails and prisons of our nation. This is about helping those women and children get to the starting blocks of life so that not only they will be able to get a life but that their off spring will be able to get a life. Children are not born bad but they are born into situations where they have precious few options but to go into a survival mode that may have served them well 10,000 years ago when we were hunter-gatherer societies. Our job is to give them an opportunity to get to the starting blocks of life and in so doing reduce the stresses and make our society a safer place for all.

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2 Responses to Day 15 The rest is over and it is back on the road

  1. themtchelle says:

    Don’t see a post from you today, hope you are okay. Thinking about you and sending prayers westward…


  2. sandi says:

    It was great to have met you and shared a few words of introduction about your life of purpose and the journey of compassion across america!
    Lifting the awareness is always the beginning of change.
    My heartfelt graditude for your loving presenses and dedication.
    Sandi White in Rough and Ready, CA

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