A live video recording of an actual execution

Have no idea where this will go but it has finally happened. They have recorded on video the live execution of a human being by the state.
I have attended one execution by a sovereign state and it truly shook me to my core. I have seen a fair amount of drama and trauma in my life but nothing I have seen or experienced in almost 70 years come close to witness the surgical execution of one human being by the state

After 24 years as a professional soldier of which 8 years was as an enlisted marine where I deployed from Okinawa with the 3rd Marine Division to Vietnam and 16 years as an infantry/special forces officer with 5.5 years in Central America during the 70s/80s. I thought I had seen it all. The big surprise was being asked by the condemed to be with him during his execution.

You can argue the right or wrong and the this or that but to sit there and watch the state take a life with malice of forthought is indeed a horrible thing. Then to know that one out of nine people sent to death row are wrongfully convicted takes on new meaning.                                                           

Georgia inmate’s execution was first video-recorded execution in almost 2 decades and Georgia executes man for killing parents and sister and again Taped execution in Georgia sets new precedent

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