And you thought Jim Crow was dead

Michelle Alexander has written a wonderful article that gives an interesting view on the resurrection of the Jim Crow laws that grew out of the civil war. This is not only a PDF (Jim Crow) but also appeared in the February 2011 issue of The Sun Magazine.
Aside from the Jim Crow issue, she touches on a truth that seldom comes to our consciousness and in turn safeguards the Jim Crow issues. She says: ‘People in prison are largely invisible to the rest of us. We have more than 2 million inmates warehoused, but if you’re not one of them, or a family member of one of them, you scarcely notice.

Admittedly, you could interpret her writings as a left wing academic with no sense of reality. However, the reality is that she is right on target. Go to conservative governor delays civil rights for felons. for a dose of reality.

Having said that, there is another shoe to fall. This shoe is not at all unlike the tactic used by the federal and various state legislatures when funding their internal ethics investigation agencies. They not only write vague legislation to handicap investigations but they underfund those agencies which further handicaps their ability to investigate. Well, if you look at the civil rights restoration process in Florida you will find the same processes at play.

By the way, clicking on the YouTube video below will also open a whole vista of other video clips by Michelle Alexander which are well worth the effort of watching.

You have to ask the question: why is this so? The answer is obvious-follow the money and see from where it flows and to whom it flows. The most obvious path is from the public treasury to the business and individuals that benefit and then back to campaign coffers of the men and women who define the crimes and punishment and then write the warehousing legislation.

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