Day 17 (Menlo Park)

Miles traveled: 102
Location: Menlo Park

There is a growing appreciation of a real house, real food and a real washer/dryer that work without have feed a ton of quarters. It is such a pleasure to walk across the hall to the bathroom as opposed to walking across a campground. Where as we are very self contained with sleeping bags, tents, air mattresses and cooking stoves, there is no match for a bed and clean sheets that follow a hot shower.

True Beauty of California
Not exactly sure where I was but started a climb up 101 south of San Francisco and North of Los Banos. The climb was gentle at first and then got steeper as time progressed. For the first time saw motorcycles and there were lots of them. I mean lots of them. However, most were of the Ninja/BMW styles and very few were the classic touring bikes. Most of the bikes I encountered had a passenger. Needless to say, it did not happen and I rode on to Menlo Park in a tee shirt.

Lakes in the Hills
There was a wide right turn on one part of the climb and the this vista of a lake appeared that was nothing less than phenomenal. A humongous deep blue colored lake surrounded by mountain tops. The weather was cold and gave serious consideration to stopping so that i could get my sweat shirt out of my foul weather gear as well as my heavy leather jacket out from under the meeting.

The road still runs No matter how you say, the still road runs and gets blurry in the process. There are always a couple of times in any ride when I look down at the road below me and know that it is not moving, my eyesight is not blurry but the road appears in motion.There is a tremendous sense of being alive i get from the experience.

Horizon Communities in Prison
I had a lunch meeting on a mountain top with Ike and Mickey where we discussed an initiative to start with a character dorm in the women’s work camp at Lowell CI and hopefully expand one dorm to turning the entire work camp into a character based facility. The key elements are built around a one year program with and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program. Complementing the dorm will be a 24/7 computer learning center. And so it is on this the 26th day of July, 2011.

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