The face of poverty

The other day I stayed over night in a place called Los Banos, California. Have no idea where it was other than I was there and it was all around me. Had breakfast in a local dinner and picked up a copy of the Modesto Bee. In it was an editorial by Mary Sanchez that went right to my heart and on the way raised my hackles.Most poor U.S. children are also white.

My experience is that in the rush to get aid, the activists narrow the application of focus on the problem to their special interests groups and in the process leave entire segments of the population that are equally deserving in the cold. In effect, it is a special interest group focusing on a special interest group and distorting the statistics to obtain a larger section of the pie.

On a deeper and far more significant level, they focus on symptom of the problem and not on the cause. A case in point that did not escape the attention of Mary Sanchez in her article. Mary on the other hand draws the lines to the consequences which is the impact on education. They don’t get educated to the extend of their abilities.

Now, I would like to throw a stone into the self-serving allegences to narrow self-serving interest groups. To barrow from Mary Sanchez, the face of poverty is a child and to that I add the face of a prison inmate is that child with an average of a 6th grade education.

Children are not born addicts, poor, stupid or criminals. They are made that way by the circumstances of their birth.
We have the ability and resources to correct these problems. However, we choose to dedicate available time, energy and resorces to other endevers by narrowing the focus of interests.

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