Day 19 Grass Valley, California

Miles Traveled: 199
Location: Nevada City in Grass Valley, California

The Emperor has no Clothes: There are over 95,000 children locked down in the Juvenal Facilities of our nation. Children are not born addicts or law breakers. It is by chance of birth and the situation they find themselves in that they turn out that way. Put a child into survival mode and learning stops. Once learning stops a new set of dynamics is introduced that opens up behaviors that served us as a species in the millenniums past but not in a post-industrial society. For the most part, these are kids that will move from Juvenal facilities to county jails and state prisons.The story and statistics come from the US Department of Justice. This is not a state secret. The question is why do we tolerate having 95,000 children in Juvenal facilities? This does not have to be.

The road to sadness, depression, suicide: More than 2.7 million children have a parent who is incarcerated.Two-thirds of these children’s parents were incarcerated for non-violent offenses. If today’s statistics hold true for tomorrow then we know that 70% of these children will go to prison. They had no say in the situation they were born. They were not born bad or as addicts. They were borne into situations they were not equipped to deal with. However, their incarceration represents the financial well being of the criminal justice complex. What mother wants this situation because she gave birth to a child destined to go to prison?

What a difference a few miles will make:
Rocky’s Cafe is the most traditional of traditional truck stop cafe’s. It looks like, smells like and the people act like they have been on the road all their life. We fit in well. Lunch was an egg omelet made with hamburger. However, it is a good place to drink truck stop coffee, sit down and clean up communications and check on our route.

On the Road Again: Leaving Rocky’s with mucho coffee and full tanks. As we pulled out of the parking lot, my mind flipped way back in to the to a song by the Beatles called . Rocky Racoon. We had a couple of hours on the road. We hit all the traditional closed lanes, slow trucks and mixed up signals from the GPS.

The Fix For Foodies After a 199 miles on the road of which the last 40 or so were coming down into this lush green valley that reminded me on the dips and turns coming into oh so many places in Maine and New Hampshire. The place is amazing. All their food is whole and fresh. It is like an oasis of tranquility in a sea of chaos. We will be talking here at night in a coffee shop atmosphere. Then we will spend the night on the couches and head up to Portland in the morning. The philosophy is not to have people give up what they like but to take what they like and blend it into whole foods and make a gentle transition. Makes incredible sense. I am look forward to my Carlos Castaneda Coffee.

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