Nevada City in Grass Valley California

There are places in this world that deserve special recognition not for what they could be but what they are and in being what they are they become not only a model but an inspiration of what could be. The Fix For Foodies is one such place. It is a family business conceived and run by the children of the family. Mind you, these are children that have never seen the inside of a public school and have been home schooled their entire life.

From the Outside: My first thought when we pulled up to the place was: good grief, what on earth and I doing here. We were meet and welcomed in the parking lot.  The clothing rack on the outside is a part of the sales and depends on people picking out what they want and bringing it into the store to pay for it. At night, it is covered up with a tarp and left outside.


                                                                        The Entrance: On entering the place, I was totally blown away. In the kitchen, which was totally visible, was a what I thought the most dedicated and professional staff. There was no messing around here. The kids were focused, conscientious and presented themselves well. It turns out this was a family business totally conceived and run by kids who had never seen the inside of a public school.

The Philosophy of the Kitchen:  All food served is organic and raw. When I arrived, a local farmer had just brought in some goat’s milk. I was offered a glass of it and got to say, it was good.  Their belief is that rather than ask someone to give up something they life, they take that basic substance and mix it with organic raw food which makes the transition or change easier. As a case in point: they have a Carlos Castinada Coffee which is made with the best organic coffee they could find. Mixed in with it is coconut milk/meat and a host of other stuff I can not remember. Got to say, it was good.

The Patio: This is an outdoor area that serves as an outside dinning room and coffee shop of sorts. Here they have seminars on food, entertainment and a host of invited public speakers. Last night was a double hitter in that there was a very talented young English women singing followed by my presentation.


Discussion Area. This is a group of couches mixed in with an indoor clothing store. What you can not see is that there is a projector against in the book shelf for indoor presentations. This is the place where Joe and I spent the night. When the store closed they left us with a key and invited us to use whatever we needed. The experience was somewhat akin to being left in a candy store over night. This is the stuff of dreams.

However, the highlight of the evening was hearing their of their son’s experience. You see, his son lost a leg in a motorcycle accident. However, Evan Strong is now one of the worlds top rated extreme snowboarder among many other talents. Something to always keep in mind is that this a person with only one leg.  Not sure of the ages of the kids in the family but they are either in their late teens or early twenties.

At first blush, this sounds like an aberration or some flash in the pan operation that will wear thin and wither as the novelty disappears.  However, I doubt this is the case as the outside world is beating a path to their door for endorsements and promotions. What will become of all this, don’t know. What I will do is bet they remain an inspiration that life is in the journey and what a family can do and the power of home schooling.

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  1. mary says:

    Where is this place? Can’t get the site up. Thanks

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