Day 29 (Starter on the Gray Ghost gave up the ghost)

Miles traveled: 71                                                                                                                  Location: Sturgis, South Dakota

Least we forget: Have had a couple of opportunities to think about the parallel of furniture and the 15 year old mother trying to make it on her own. I believe the application of it is much broader than most may want to think. Have had a lot of conversations with women of the eve of their departure from prison. Essentially, the story line is embellished beyond belief but the bottom line is the same. They to are being set-up as furniture by those meeting them at the gate.  This is not limited to those they have meet while incarcerated but also includes family members be they immediate or extended. A lot of these women are moving in with men and women they have never known out of the prison visiting room and in some cases taking them to homes with children. Why, simple, they have no other options and are glad to have a place to go even if it mean they are going to exploited and/or abused in the process.

The Gray Ghost has been sidelined:  After a long struggle, the Gray Ghost found its way into the dealership and if the fates are with us, the spare parts will be in for the starter on Tuesday and within an hour it will be on the road headed to Topeka, Kansas. No matter, how it works out the plan is to be in Topeka, Kansas for the presentation on the 11th. This will give me a chance to write some post cards to those that will only hear of the trip through cards; a chance to write some long over due thank you letters; finish the coordination for the remainder of the trip.

At every overnight, the desk is set up. This is all the material that comes out of bags, saddle bags and some of my pockets. As you can see, everything has a firm plastic water proof container to include the We have been through some rather horrendous rain and so far everything is still working. At the end of the day, one of the big jobs is to recharge all the batteries. There are batteries for the camera, phone, GPS. navigator, hearing aid, and yes the computer. Most of the batteries can be charged while in use on the motorcycle with a power take-off that has a duel USB port. Note the extension cord. We need a camp site that has a  power outlet because of email coordination, blog and then there is my C-pap machine. Of course internet connections are big and we try to stay at a place with them. The problem is that most camp site WiFi providers are small operations with large numbers of users. So a simple task like setting up this blog should only take an hour or so will normally end up taking three hours or so. Losing an internet connection often means loosing all of the material posted. We do have an excellent fall back in that my cell phone can generate a mobile hot spot but it drains the battery faster than the computer can recharge it. It all looks so simple in the photo but for real, the office is usually set up till 2300 on most nights. Then comes showers and etc. On rainy nights the whole operation gets moved into the tent. A tent that in all reality is not much bigger than a pup tent I used to work out of in both the marines and army.

Sturgis:  No blog in the middle of the largest party in the world would be complete without some comment of one type or another. The rental agent was telling me that the bike rally quadruples the population of this part of the state. The other day, I was wondering why there was blank spaces next to all the Jack Daniels posters on railings and walls. Well, on my morning trip to Stergus I realized that all of blank spaces were taken up by Hooters signs.

Misc:  People wonder why I take showers in the morning and evening. Well, let me tell ya; its cold and a long hot shower is a fine way to warm up. Especially at night. I can come out of the shower, put on long johns and be toasty warm most of the night. In the morning, it is a dead run for the showers and then on goes the layers of clothing and the search for a cup of coffee begins. This is the way it is today and now it is to the showers.,

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One Response to Day 29 (Starter on the Gray Ghost gave up the ghost)

  1. Maria Huff Edwards says:

    Dear KC:

    Great adventure!

    This morning beginning at 11 AM we will be having a reading at Dreamers Garden of Gregory Corso’s “Gasoline”; after this reading, we will read from your blog about your adventure so far. I’m touting you as the “Grove Street Beat”…

    Valerie is working this morning, so she may not be able to come to the reading, but Cerise may show up.

    Blessings and best wishes from your neighbors in the Grove Street Neighborhood. And, be careful of tall mountains, drunk and listless drivers. Live in the moment–so you get back home and the neighborhood all in one piece!

    Maria Huff Edwards
    Grove Street Neighborhood

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