Day 30 (Clean up)

Totaled Miles Traveled to Date: 5, 730 miles                                                                  Location: Sturgis, South Dakota

Least we forget:  In focusing on the about the women and children in the jails and prisons of the nations it is easy to forget about the collateral damage done to the families of correction officers. I have meet children of corrections and police officers in prison. They tell me after having been in prison for a period of time that their parent or parents treated them and expected the same from them as they did from inmates. The also said there was a lot of physical abuse as well as alcohol and drug abuse. A man I know who is a retired special agent and teacher of relaxation methods for the law enforcement community told me that correction officers have the highest suicide rate in the law enforcement community.

KC vanishing into mountain: Actually this is rather symbolic of a lot of what has been going on inside of me. It seems as if over the last 15 or so years I have become more and more involved in jails and prisons to the point where it could be said some of my vision has been distorted.  Don’t know how it has happened but a lot of stuff has come into focus in that there is a unified field that has appeared if you will. Nothing earth shattering but for some reason there is a lot more sense about what and how I am going to do what needs to be done. This ride is a good first step.

Identity or part of the journey:  It seems as if in many respects this rally is not so much a meeting of like minded individuals as it is an identity gathering. Harley Davidson has done a masterful job of selling an identity. Make no mistake that within that group are a lot of subgroups that are very good and interesting people. Having said all of that, I have found that within the world of bikers there is indeed a tremendous camaraderie be you a Harley Davidson biker or not. Another discovery is that my subjective finding is that there is an incredible high number of ex-military. Another surprise is that there is a very large percentage of those that actually know what they are doing as far as machines go and are very willing to help. There is still a lot in my mind that is up in the air but for sure it is a comfortable group.

Lilly sneaks up on KC

Clean up and post cards:  No this is not a physical clean-up of the equipment or clothes as the bike is in the shop and it rained a rain of sorts. I had a lot of messages, coordination, and post cards to write. Realize there are over 500 messages in my inbox and no way am I going to wade through it. Think I am going to put them all in a folder for 60 days and start over again. So, anyone that has sent me something that needs an answer, please send it again and I pay more attention to it. Having said that, I will be on my own starting tomorrow and it is going to be challenging to do anything other than blog, ride and do presentations. I love to hear from y’all. It is important for my well being to hear from ya and rest assured I answer as best I can. I did get some 20 post cards written to those that have no access to the internet.

Wounded Knee: Am going to Wounded Knee tomorrow afternoon after I send off a slew of emails and make a lot of phone calls. My hope is that Russel Means is there as I would very much like to talk to him. He has a home there, Los Angeles and somewhere in New Mexico. The reason for my visit is that he has an immersion program for Indian children and to break the alcohol and hopelessness cycle and I would like to know more about it.

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