Day 34 (Its a flood)

Miles traveled: 183                                                                                                                        Total Miles: 6,752                                                                                                                  Location: Topeka, Kansas

Least we forget: Now, think in terms of yesterday’s exercise and know that there was no one to meet you and to whom was going to be your next phones call if you were that little girl and no one was there to put out a hand. If we assume she has done 2 years in prison, she has picked up quite an education and we are not just talking of a GED. We are talking of selling drugs, prostitution, passing bad checks, stealing a car, and on and on. In two years, she is also going to have one incredible network of contacts and she will have credibility because she has been to prison. It only takes a few moths in prison without shampoo and kotex to figure out something and the easiest is letter writing. She can figure a way to get the names of a couple of men or women on the outside and string them along. However, this is a dangerous game because when she is released her name and address go on the internet till she comes off of paper. These jilted lovers have been known to show up unannounced. She may harbor a dream of an education, getting her baby back and etc. However, she is not going to was a lot of time sitting on the curb praying. In a New York minute, she is going to make a few calls and you had better Hong Kong believe someone will show up. Her back is against the wall, her baby has been taken away and now  her survival is the first priority. As the world has turned their back on her, she will turn her back on the world. There is a good reason why there is a 68 percent recidivism rate and you just saw the biggest one. No one is lending a helping hand.

The many faces of a flood: In theory, there is supposed to be clearly delimited paths around flooded areas to keep travelers from getting into the flooded areas adding to the chaos and confusion. This certainly was not my experience. The locals gave me a set of roads to travel and when I crossed into Nebraska, the toll collector said welcome to Nebraska and that will be one dollar. Then I had to pick my way through a town that had been ravaged by the flood and was trying to pick itself up.

Corn and soy beans:  I spend a good number of years in the Far East in the early 60s and 30 of those months were in Japan. I admired them for being able to squeeze out agricultural land by terracing. However, these farmers are amazing in that not a square foot of land is lost. No wonder, it is big business and most profitable at that. They get subsidies to grow it. Then we used corn as a sugar substitute called fructose. Almost seems as if the government is paying the farmers a double profit to produce that which will fatten up the public like they used to fatten up the cattle prior to slaughter. And now its corn power to fuel our vehicles.

Highway 75:  It seems as if I was forever on highway 75. Now, I understand going for over a hundred miles in the desert Southwest without a gas station, I understand going great distances in the northwest without a gas station. But in the middle of farm county? The thought occurred to me more than once that they ran all of the farmers off the land so they could turn the homes into farm land. Felt good about the purchase of an gallon container to hald some gas the before. There were some big and I mean big trucks on this highway and they each left their own wind signature as they past in the opposite direction. Was so glad i was able to get the fairing replaced at Sturgis.

Main Street: Finally, about 25 or so miles short of Topeka, found a town. Filled up the tank and asked about breakfast. They directed me to a dinar on main street. Had about 8 blocks of residential homes not unlike this and it was shaded oaks and like homes.  It was a town just like in To Kill A Mocking Bird. Some of those homes must have been over 100 years old. Wonder what kind of stories they would tell if given the opportunity.

A voice in the wilderness: From the Topeka Capital Journal last Saturday comes this story of Teacher makes uneasy ride.

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