Day 36 (Rain, rain, and more rain)

Miles traveled:  205                                                                                                                    Total miles: 6,957                                                                                                                                Location: Columbia, MO

Least we forget:  Our little girl knows a great truth: the world is a bad place. She knows this truth because she has lived it. She also knows that no one is really going to help her as the family motto is: what happens in the family stays in the family. She also knows that she gave birth to this incredibly perfect child and for the past three years some else has been raising it. Another great truth is that for three years, she has not had one visit from the caretaker or her child. On one hand, she is sad and depressed and on another hand she is very angry.  However, as conflicting as the emotions are, her first job is to survive and that she will. She makes a call and it is not another one to her parents.

First thing: Got off to an intentional late start because I was driving due east on I-70 and the sun was shinning right into my face. Stopped at Loews to get some screws, so I could make a couple of modifications on the handle bars.  Then about ten minutes down the road, I look to my left and guess what i saw. I thought, lets hope this is a slow moving front and  and try to out run it at highway speeds plus.

Cut off at the draw: Don’t know if anyone has ever been cut off at the draw but this was a classic case. At this moment I was in denile hoping the road would turn south or that I could get to the other side if I outran it.  The one thing I knew was that what ever it was going to be it was going to be big as this storm was quickly filling up the whole sky. I was mesmerized just watching the sky cut me off from the sun.

Now, its real trouble:  In about the time it took to take another photo, the sky had moved and there was no doubt I was in trouble. Where is a bridge or gas station when you need it. Figured that I would not be able to change fast enough to stay dry so I went peddle to the metal in the hopes of staying dry while I changed. The leading edge of the front brought big winds and lost of lightening. Once again, was so glad to have a new and complete fairing. The wind gust were sever but it was manageable. Then it seemed as if the lightening was dancing all around me, It has been many years since I was on the edge of a storm like that.

And the rains came down: No sooner than I found  a bridge and stopped than the rains came down and I mean came down. Every time a truck went by, I got sprayed. One of the really big trucks filled a boot with water while I was trying to get my rain suit on. At that moment, I had wished that I had gotten some LED lights put on my saddle bags and LED light bulbs for the brake light and turning lights. This I will work on tomorrow as it will be an early start. Decided to pull out and get on the road once I was dressed.  Noticed that there were maybe 20 or 25 cars pulled over on the side of the road at a full stop. Interesting.

Rooster Tail:  Most people don’t think much of a big truck passing in a heavy rain but on a motorcycle it can be a dramatic experience. At about this moment my GPS went out. I was about to comment on what else could happen and decided not to. This rain went on for about half an hour and there was a brief pause. The sky lightened up and I thought that it was it.

And there was another surprise: crested a little hill and quickly realized there was no sense in even considering taking off the rain suit. It was like riding into one of the science fiction movies where you disappear. Stayed int he rain for about 150 miles. About 20 miles short of Dr. Austin’s house the rains stopped and my GPS reacquired its signal and everything was working just fine. That is with the exception of me and a cold.  And with that I will wish everyone well and get on with the conversation. Tomorrow, its an early start for Indianapolis.

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