Day 38 (Just plain tired)

Miles Traveled: 108                                                                                                                    Total Miles: 7,331                                                                                                                  Location: KOA in Brookville, Ohio

Least We Forget:
The cloak of invisibility that shields the 15 year old mother or the teen age prison inmate doing time for crimes that did not exist 20 years ago will vanish the moment a politician finds it to their benefit to bring it to the public’s attention. This is a situation not unlike soldiers and sailors not being able to vote prior to World War II. Many of the existing power in state legislatures figured the absentee ballots from servicemen would disturb their existing power arrangements. However, towards the end of World War II, the democrats who controlled the congress and white house were very concerned they could loss their power base. So, they legislated military voting rights on a national scale then directed the military to make every effort to distribute absentee ballots among the servicemen around the world. Bear in mind, for over 150 years no effort was made to provide the mechanism for absentee ballots to service men and women away from home. My sense is that the scope and magnitude of the issues of women and children in prison is reaching the point that the civil rights issues will rise to the national level and one of the political parties will find a way to exploit it.

Trucks and rain:  It started drizzling when we left the Zen Center in Indianapolis and did not seem as if it was going to really get any better in the near future. In fact, the clouds and wind indicated that a front was moving in. Essentially, I have been wet for three days and am coming down with a cold. Complicating matters was the fact that with a blocked nose, I could not use the C-pap machine at night which meant that I was not getting enough sleep nor was I getting enough oxygen. All of which did not do much for my decision making processes or disposition. On leaving Indianapolis, the road construction reduced the interstate to two land roads with concrete barriers on both sides which did not give me any place to go if something got out of control.  There was enough time to get to our next stop which was in New York and so after 100 plus miles we had breakfast at past noon and found a KOA to get a cabin. A chance to dry out bags that were starting to mildew and stink.

Real Americana: On the way into the camp ground we passed this drive-in. This was not just any drive in but a two screen drive in. Don’t know about anyone else but there has been more than one occasion when I, on leaving, forgot the speaker was still hooked to my window because my mind was other places pulled more than one speaker from its connection. As I was driving through the parking lot, notice all the speakers stands had been cut off at about 8 inches. What they do now is broadcast the movie over an FM channel run by the drive in. No more broken speaks and in some cases broken windows.

Corn up close: In the last week or so, i have taken a lot of photos of corn at highway speeds. But as I turned around from taking photos of the drive-in theater, there was this corn field. Could not resist the temptation to take just one more photo only close and personal.  This stuff is packed close together. There will be no chases through these corn fields. Relevant to nothing, I thought Ohio was the buckeye state but I have seen nothing but corn and soy. Then again, I would not know a buckeye if I saw one.

Well, its  almost one am and tomorrow is going to be a long road day. So, I am going to wish ya well and go to bed. Know I wish ya well.

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