Day 39 (long wet day in the saddle)

Miles traveled: 418                                                                                                              Total miles traveled: 7,749                                                                                                  Location: Bellefonte, Penn

Least we forget: The first words out of the little girls mouth are ‘are you here to pick me up from the center?’ The driver gets out of the car, introduces himself and they return to the center. The little girl knows she is in for one of the hardest challenges of her life. She will have to attain the realization that she is not her thinking and her thinking is not her. The she will have to work on a whole new set of behaviors as well as dealing with some of her addictions. One of her biggest challenges will be to walk into a college classroom and take her seat. Taking the seat will not be so hard but becoming comfortable with the thought that this is where she belongs will be the hardest of all. However, that is tomorrow. Today,she has a safe place to go where there is food on the table and she will have the key to the lock on her door.

Marjorie Carr: Don’t know why I was thinking of her today but came to the conclusion that she was one of if not the finest women I ever had the pleasure of meeting. My introduction to her was seeing her get out of her car in front of my house pulling an enormous oxygen bottle on wheels. She asked if I was KC and said if so we have business to discuss. Ended up doing a lot of computer work for her and in the process got to know one of the finest and most powerful women to live in the state of Florida. She was the driving force that stopped the construction of the Cross Florida Barge Canal as well as many other projects. One day, I delivered some computer work. Don’t think I ever went over there when she did not invite me to German Chocolate cake and coffee. The phone rang and she took the call. It was Senator Bob Graham and she gave him a tongue lashing. Could not believe this woman could do it but that he stayed on the phone. Later, I explained what I had seen to a close friend who was a retired colonel of Engineers. He said, the army corps of engineers uses her efforts to stop the cross Florida barge canal as a model of social activism and how to deal with it. As I got to know her, the one thing she had was a belief in herself and what she was doing. When you have that, anything is possible.

  One of the first sights that greeted me as I got on the highway this morning was a truck with chemicals and a porta-potie. Somehow it seemed most appropriate that the door was flapping in the breeze. It was almost a comic relief to see it going down the highway without a derelict school bus pulling one to any one of 10,000 farming operations.


Hog town: Came on this truck just prior to our first gas  stop which normally works out to the only meal we eat on the road. The upper back cattle door was open so I thought it was an empty truck. However, the smell grew stronger as I got closer, Then as i was pulling up along side, I could see 4 or 5 noses sticking out of the bottom line of holes as if they were trying to get fresh as almost close enough that I could have touched the noses but took a photo instead. (double click on the photo and you can see the pigs) This is the weird part, I felt as if I was getting a mindful or brain dump of suffering.  Don’t know there is a good answer for this but it seems as if there has to be a better way.

Rain and rain and more rain:  This was the way the day went. It was in and and out of rain for most of the ride. What really got to me was that in the middle of summer it was cold and I mean cold. Don’t know where this heat wave is but it is not around me. When we got to the camp site, the lady said we could have a cabin with heat for $8 more. Took it in  New York minute. We pulled off of the road at about 7:30 pm and I was tired.

The last hour: Coming into Pennsylvania from the west on I-71 was and is an awesome experience. It is like being in the clouds. The road seems to bridge itself from one ridge line to another or one mountain top to another. There are slow dips and turns at a high elevation that make riding a motorcycle seem almost magical. When on a bridge going from one mountain top to another, there is a sense of almost flying. Don’t know how to even begin to give words to the exhilarating experience.

Mt Rushmore:  It occurred to me as I was traveling through the country side: the guy that was the inspiration and drive behind the Mt Rushmore project had to have been absolutely amazing. If my memory serves me well, he started the project in the heyday of the parties of 1927, worked through the depression and finished it up on the eve of the second world war in 1941. To have had the courage, skill and tenacity to keep the project alive and workers inspired took a person with a great sense of mission and one that could see the beauty locked inside the weather beaten granite sticking up in the air.

It is a shame that society can not look at the little 15 year old with a baby and not see the jewel in both the mother and the child. However, to see the potential jewel is not enough, we have to be willing to help polish it and let it shine. The price of non-intervention is an average prison sentence of 5 years at a cost of $144,000 to the taxpayer.

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