A manual for parents designed to break the cycle of abuse

This is a reference manual on breaking the cycle oF of child abuse sent to me by a trusted friend. So, I post it to the blog without reading it. Can not help but think that even not to have experienced abuse you will be well served to have an awareness of the issue and what non-judicial corrective measures there are. Know I wish you well.

A Parents Manual to help break the cycle of abuse

This quote in the introduction is a great summary of what it is about:

“My childhood was horrible. I swore my kids would have a
good childhood, but I didnʼt know it would be this hard. A
lot of the time donʼt know what the hell I am doing. I donʼt
know how to handle all the stresses and I donʼt trust my
own decisions and sometimes I just wish I were free and
could start by trying to parent myself right.”

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