Day 42 (Omega Institute)

Miles Traveled: 25.6                                                                                                                      Total Miles: 8,052                                                                                                                 Location: Omega Institute

Least We Forget: If I was to identify the single greatest driving force for our young lady, it would the world of illegal drugs. More often than not, the gateway to the sale of illegal drugs is a drug addiction itself. I was having a conversation with a person that shall go unnamed on death row. He explained to me that setting up a drug business in alien turf was easy. Have parties and make drugs available in unlimited quantities to young women. As their habits become addictions then he can turn them anyway he wants. This is especially so in university/white collar towns. Because where the drugs and girls are is where those men and women that have money. In essence, our little girl becomes the essential but disposable link between the drug cartels of the world and those professionals who consider it their right to to engage in the responsible recreational use of legal and illegal drugs.

The road to Omega: The TomTom and a wrong turn took us along one if not the best paved country road with gentle twists and turns. For sure it was not roadtec highway paver here. The road was a wide two lane and well paved. My sense is that it was designed to take the beating that heavy duty plowing in the winter would give it. It had to be hand graded and one of the best grading jobs I have ever seen.

More Corn: For first time, more corn used for ethanol than livestock. Was standing in line in the Omega Cafe and the lady at the counter pointed out that the spoon she was giving me for the yogurt was not only biodegradable but made of corn. Took me back a couple of mental steps and decided to see if there was any truth to my fantasy on the politics of corn. So I ran that phrase theough a google search and sure enough: The misguided politics of corn ethanol and  Corn based-ethanol and its politics. Something happened when I put in the second link and it comes up with a lot of further readings so I left it as it was.

First Impressions: Did not have a chance to eat or get coffee prior to leaving the camp and there were no coffee shops or anything in route. Arrived at Omega famished. Checked in and went straight to the chow hall. There had just finished setting up the serving lines and wasted no time filling a plate. It was so good. They gave new meaning to a vegan diet. Breakfast this morning was so good and filled my plate up only to find great bagels and cream cheese at the end of the line. Word of caution, walk the line first and figure out what you want because to do otherwise is deadly.

Conference Room: Omega InstituteThis photo was taken about 15 minutes prior to start time. Within 15 or so minutes, the room filled with maybe 50 people and there were those that stood in the back. The presentation lasted 40 some minutes but adding in the question and answers brought the presentation to two hours. By chance, this presentation coincided with a Mindfulness program being conducted that week.

Cambridge: Now it is time to close up the computer and head to Cambridge. Don’t know that i have ever gone there that it did not feel like I was coming home.

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