Day 44 (Epson Salts)

Miles Traveled: 27                                                                                                                           Total Miles Traveled: 8,270                                                                                      Location: Cambridge, MA

Least We Forget: Saw a quote in the Economist Magazine that gave me pause and I think it deserves some consideration in this section. It comes from a Baltimore beat cop turned sociologist. He said something to the effect that we build prison we are afraid of and put in people we are mad at.”  I think a convincing argument could be made that we put mothers in prison because they represent our failures as parents and a society and we are made at them not only because they compounded our failures by having children. So, in an attempt to wash our hands of the situation we declare our freedom from the problem by disassociating ourselves from the issue by saying that is her problem. However, that is our problem and it is so unfair to bring a child in the world and then abandoning it to a fate that will only perpetuate employment opportunities for the rural poor.

Tail Lights: spent a couple of hours this morning at the Yamaha dealership trying to figure how to put LED lights on the rear end with out spending a fortune. The problem is that the existing lights meet all of the legal requirements but just don’t work well in reality during reduced periods of visibility or rain. Did not have the time in Sturgis to have LED lights put in because there were too many in lines for existing vendors. The reality of the legal lights not being enough came to me full force when on day two or three of five days in the rain, that a Honda with similar lights passed me and within twenty feet he vanished into the rain. Then a Yamaha with LED lights went by and I could see him for one heck of a long distance. Got tired of cars and trucks trying crawl up my tail pipes in such weather. The lights will be in when I return from Maine and I will put them in with new fixtures prior to New York. Its a sad comment when the reflection from the license plate is greater than the brake light.

Good Vibrations :  Rediscovered a pleasure that had escaped my attention for a number of years. It is called Epson Salts. Soaked in the tub for two hours and had to refill it with hot water once. In the process, my mind drifted back to ‘in the day’ of the Beach Boys and their run away hit Good Vibrations. Well, after 8,000 plus miles on a motorcycle, I and my electronics have concluded there are no good vibrations even on a shaft driven motorcycle. Fully intend to use up what is left of the Epson salts on Sunday and then next Thursday when I return to Cambridge from Main and New Hampshire.

The 1369 Coffee Shop:  Was walking down Massachusetts Ave from Central Square looking for a Coffee Shop that I could sit down and write about 50 Post Cards to those that can not be a part of the trip but are the reason for the trip. The basic prerequisite was that I have a writing area where I would not be disturbed. This the shop did as can be seen from the  window. The final decision was the name of the store which also was the building number. Something struck me as poetic about what I was about to do and this being the location.

Shopping: Ordered some LED tail lights for the motorcycle at the local Yamaha dealership in Summerville. Then asked about getting some screws to replace some of the screws on the existing turn signals up front. He did not have them. Going from the dealership to one of the mega stores like Walmart, Home Depot or Loews did not always produce a solution to like problems in the past. However, I did remember a hardware store off of Central Square thatwas full of every thing I ever needed back in the day. So, turned the bike back to the Zen Center, went to the store which was still there and found four metric screws to replace all the screws in my front turning signals. It never ceases to amaze me how these little ma and pa hardware stores will have exactly what you need when you need it and hand it to you with a smile and thank you.

Seven Stars Book Store: This was a favorite old haunt of mine in the days gone by while it was at Harvard Square. It always had a stock of New Age and Buddhist books. The atmosphere was an old building loaded with charm, personality and on the verge of collapse. It got pushed out of its location in the re-development of Harvard Square and found a new home on Mass Ave in the vicinity of central square. As I was returning from from the coffee shop with written post cards in hand, made a big but big mistake and went inside for old times sake and the same guy was still there. Don’t that my taste in books has evolved but laying in ambush were two books on the tables that caught my attention. One was How We Decide and the other was Justice, what’s the right thing to do? Got them both and passed on Pema Chogren. Needless to say, have no idea where I am going to pack them as my bags are full. Don’t even know why I got them as I have not had time to even read the one book I did bring. For sure I will not be going back to get a picture of the store as the karma is just to great but am curious to see what books were put in their place.

Carberry’s: Have never come to the center here without going to Carberry’s which is now Lindsey’s and they have the same good coffee and scones. Coffee, scones and conversation with a good person first thing in the morning is what puts zing in life. Especially when everyone else is still trying to figure out which side is up. This is a fat pill factory without any redeeming social value. Just the way a fat pill factory should be.

Post Cards: Well it is now time to address all the 40 some post cards that I wrote today as tomorrow is a big day. Sit the YMJJ in the morning and to the beach in the afternoon. Then the final load of laundry and on Monday it is off to Maine.

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