Colombia inquiry implicates US aid in abuses of power

The entire world is interconnected and what is done in one part cannot help but have some sort of impact in another part. We as a nation cannot ingest tons of cocaine while keeping a legal facade of making it illegal. This dichotomy ripples outwards like a tsunami leaving a trail of death, corruption and destruction and you only have to look at Colombia and Mexico as cases in point.he

All of these forces and the same ones at that have been at play in Colombia for decades. The only difference is that some are fueled by the profits of illegal drugs while others are fulled by US efforts to stop the flow of illegal drugs. There are even those forces that have a hand in each pocket.

The point of the article is that “Just as in Afghanistan and other countries where the United States is intensely focused on winning counter terrorism allies, some recipients of aid to Colombia clearly diverted it to their own political agendas.” In the last decade alone, Colombia has received more than 6 billion dollars in aid for counter terrorism

Now, if this is the problem in Colombia, Mexico and etc, just what makes anyone think it is not having the impact in the USA. People are people no matter what language they speak and power is power no matter what political venue you are in.

Funds allegedly used for spying, political activities

The world is interconnected and nothing we do in one part can help but have some kind of effect in another part.

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