Day 45 (Waldon’s Pond, Maine and New Hamshire)

Miles Traveled: 258                                                                                                                    Total Miles Traveled; 8,528                                                                                                   Location: Cambridge, Maine and New Hampshire

Least We Forget: The one thing we can count on is there will be no help from the levers of government to assist the women and children in the jails and prisons of the nation. So, where can we turn for help? The help is going to have to come from the ranks of citizenry of the nation who have the courage of their convictions to the right thing as individuals. They will  have to come forth as groups or individuals to share their knowledg and skills not to sell a prodiuct or religion but what they have learned with those that want and need to learn so that they can engage competently in life.

Waldon’s Pond: You never know what fate has in store for you if you try to control all the twists and turns in the roads life opens for you. The other day, I was headed for the beach and ended up at Waldon’s Pond. You can not go to Waldon’s Pond with an agenda because you will never never find what you are looking. However, if you go there and put your feet in the water, you will find every thing you want. Sort of like life.

Maine and New Hampshire:  Spend the last three years of High School in Main and New Hampshire. My first and most vivid memory of these states was a truck stop my father and I stopped on the Maine Turnpike in about 1958 when he was delivering me to a summer camp in the Rangly Lakes. For sure, this was not it but it still served as a sedgeway for my memories.

Will and Ariel Durant: It has been decades since I have given Will & Ariel Durant anything more than a passing thought. Have always had a great respect for their work The Rise and Fall of Western Civilization but never really appreciated their examples of role models till I went to their web site and saw what their philosophies and partnership stood for in real life. Do invite  y’all to take a trip through the linki provided to get a glimpse of the power of their relationship and to understand how it drove their work. Don’t know that anything else can be said on that subject.

Agusta: Our Monday night talk was in a funky coffee house located inside the bowls of this old mill. The location was origenaly an old fort that served as a trading post in colonial days. Later it became a mill that harnessed the forces of a river to run the machines that wove the cotton grown and picked by the slaves and share croppers of the old south. Then comes world war two and the town because a major navy ship building site and remains so to this day for the Navy. I somehow wonder if thisw is not some sort of case study of the growth and decay of a civilization.

Saco Library:  The KOA campground served as a center of operations for three days of talks in Maine and New Hampshire. The camp ground was centrally located and after each talk there was a nigh drive back to Saco. Today needed to catch up but wanted a place to work other than the floor of a tent or picnic table where I have to squint to see the screen. Found it in the Saco library. A very nice place with internet access. All the signs had please and thank you. A most civilized place.

The Beach: No visit to Maine in the summer is complete without a visit to the beach. It was crowded but don’t think it was nearly as crowded as most would like. There were a lot of stores that were empty and houses for sale. Got to get ready for the ride to August. Know i wish ya well.

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