Justice; what is the right thing to do

JUSTICE; what is the right thing to do?

Started reading this book while I was doing a two hour Epson soak in the tub in the Cambridge Zen Center last Sunday morning. Admittedly, I have not gotten far but what has happened is that it sent my mind down roads that I have avoided because I did not see them as productive avenues while volunteering in prisons.

Instead, I have focused exclusive on those that sat in front of me and how I could help and understand the issues and material that would speak to their issues.

However, I have reached a stage where their issues are not just the biology and parenting associated with what brought them to prison but what can not be ignored are the social issues as well as the jurisprudence that drives the criminal justice system in which they get ensnared for any one of 10,000 reasons.

Not all that long ago, I read an article in the Wall Street Journal where there have been over 400 laws passed in the last decade that have to do with the criminal justice system at the federal level in the US. We are not talking about national security but criminal law. My take on this is that we are making up new crimes as we go along and sending people to prisons without consideration of the social impact on what we are doing.

Its like there is a special interest groups that wants something done and they pay for the legislation through campaign contributions and votes and the legislators respond. What is missing is I think Will and Ariel Durantwould roundly condemn what we have become as a society  because we are ignoring the very basics of our reality as it deals with nature and politics:

Nature cares little about laws and states; her passion is for the family and the child. If she can preserve these she is indifferent to governments and dynasties and smiles at those who busy themselves with transferring constitutions.

Can not help but think, they have already written the obituary for our great nation as they have so competently written the obituaries for the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans as so many others. We have forgotten or are ignoring the mother and child and in the process nature will adjust the scales to favor those who have not.

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