Day 48 (Huricane Irene)

Miles traveled: 34                                                                                                                       Total miles traveled: 8,552                                                                                                        Location: Cambridge

Least We Forget: the single biggest comment I get from all the talks I give is that I had no idea. In a way, I do understand this. In 15 years as a volunteer in state and federal prisons either did I. Truly, it was not until the last 3 or 4 years that the totality of the situation started unfolding in my own perspective.  Even then, it was only because I had developed and was teaching a, 8 week class called the The Inward Journey. As trends, themes and patterns started emerging, I went to the internet to start researching to see if there was a statistical basis to what was being spoken of in the class.  Sure enough, there it was with minimal research. Now that I knew it to be a fact. the next question becomes, what is to be done about itl There in lies the challenge and that was the basis of undertaking this trip which was about planting seeds  of awareness and knowledge.

A taping: Last night gave this talk to the Cambridge Zen Center and they taped it. The intention is to edit it into two versions. A short version of maybe 25 minutes and a longer version of an hour and then publish it on the internet. For this we will need a coupleof volunteers with experience doing such things.


Recouping the body: What the visit to Walden Pond did for the heart and soul is what a visit to a Russian Bath in Chelsea did for the body. There was a sauna, steam room, a guy that worked us over with Birch Branches and finished it all off with a massage.  It took about 3 hours to work our way through the entire process and a good process it was. Then we joined Mark for dinner at a Mexican Restaurant.

Bus Service: Christiana  who hosted us in Portland, needed a ride to the airport and Joe so cheerfully volunteered to take her through Boston and deliver her to the airport. Well, for someone that had never ridden a motorcycle, she sure had the right approach. All reports are that she not only made it to the airport but kissed the ground as she got off the bike.


You can never go home because it is not there. About a week ago, took a side trip to my old high School in South Berwick, Maine on this the eve of my 50th year class reunion. This was the football field and behind it was a woods. I can remember hunting season when some of the students had to walk through the woods would leave their hunting rifles buried in the wood line and hunt on their way home. I can also remember that it wook every male student to field a football and track team. The reality is that the growth of the school will serve many boys and girls well but for me, I got back on the motorcycle and continued my journey.

Hurricane Irene:  Well, it appears that hurricane Irene is headed up the coast as we are headed down the coast. For sure at some point we are going to encounter each other and the only thing to do is be prepared for a meeting engagement. So, all the clothes are packed in plastic backs, the last of the LED lights will be mounted on the motor cycle in the morning after bows. The gas tank is full. The TomTom has the next addressed programed into it. The rain suit will not be packed but readily accessible under the webbing. Tomorrow is the dinner at Prison Dharma Network. However, New York City has started shutting down so we will not be going there but instead will be going to the New Haven Zen Center on Sunday where we will have a wonderful opportunity to test our wet road skills again and again. If it is too wet out, Providence Zen Center has a couple of rooms ready for us. And that is the way it is for today. Know I wish ya well.

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