Day 49 (May the Gray Ghost RIP)

Miles Traveled: 167                                                                                                                        Total Miles Traveled:  8,719                                                                                     Location: Cranston, RI

Least We Forget: Creating an awareness of the problems and issues associated with Women and Children in the Jails and Prisons of the US is too important an issue to be sidelined by the forces of man or nature. Nature sidelined the Gray Ghost but the only question that remains is what and when will another arise in its place.


The Heart of the Program: Just prior to loading the Gray Ghost in Cambridge, the equipment carried in the saddle bags was laid to to check for completeness and packing for Hurricane Irene. Knowing we were going into a storm, it was important that not only were the electronics and computer for the presentation be packed properly but to insure each part was water proofed as best as cood be. What you see here represents all the equipment used for the show that has traveled all 8,719 miles in the fiberglass bags. It still works even the stuff that was left in the bags overnight in the storm.

Irene on the Horizon: Irene was waiting to unfold and strike as we left Boston headed for Rhode Island. Yes, we knew we were going to get wet. However, there was a presentation and meeting to be held with Fleet Maull and Kate Crisp in Cranston, RI and it was going to happen. Never forget the forces of nature and not to be trifled with but the can be worked with, if respected.

                                                                            Irene throws down the challenge: Irenen’s threat was not an empty one. The sky just emptied out on us. Yes, we did pull over to put on the rain suits but wet we got. Trying to navigate in a strange city, on the interstates with GPS that were covered in water is a dicey proposition at best and you have to eat your mistakes with grace to stay safe.

We did get there:  Nevertheless, we did get there wet, tired and hungry. Fleet and I had a conversation that was recorded and will be posted on Prison Dharma Network at some point in the not too distant future. The coffee was strong with coconut milk and cactus sugar. The conversation was serious, direct and to the point. There were no points of conflict on anything discussed but a wealth of information was share.

Dinner:  We were joined for dinner that night by the Abbott of the Providence Zen Center and a few others that shared a common interest in promoting the awareness of women and children in the jails and prisons of the nation. Don’t know how Kate and M did it but they put together as good a spread for 9 people with no notice and as good as any I have ever eaten.


Mother nature throws down the Gauntlet: The next morning i look out the window that it was like the Gray Ghost was in a camouflage position. A tree came down on top that left precious little to see. Just knew there was going to be damage. Tried to call Geico and they said that there office that handles RI claims was evacuated and most likely would not be open till Monday. Obviously the Monday talk will have to be cancelled but the journey has yet to be finished. I need another motor cycle to finish the last two thousand miles of the journey. If at all possible, I need to be on the road Tuesday. The journey will be completed it is just at this point I have no idea how it will be done but done it will be. This can become another piece of the 11,000 mile odyssey that so needs to be completed.

May the Gray Ghost RIP:
Don’t know what junk yard the Gray Ghost will find itself in the days to come but it’s soul will rest in the Valhalla of motorcycles. For 8,719 miles it has been the vehicle by which the message as been carried to the four corners of the nation. It crossed the deserts of the southwest were the temperatures ranged from 101 to 107 for more than a couple of days on end. It climbed out of the Imperial Valley of California over the mountains where drivers were encouraged to shut of their air conditioning so as not to over heat the cars. It navigated through the mountains and valleys of the Pacific Northwest and across the plains of the American Heartland. It cut through the New England highways and byways with grace and elegance. There is no doubt it will fly out of its own ashes but to do it, it will need your help for the last 2,000 or so miles. Should be able to resurrect the Gray Ghost for about $6,500 and within 24 hours from the date of receipt. Can and will reimburse what ever money I get from the Insurance company when they pay. Am equally glad to accept any bike available that can handle the mission.

The message is just too but too important:  Babies do not come into the world as addicts and criminals. They come into the world for the most part healthy and ready to learn. Mothers may have issues and issues can be worked with.  not matter how you cut it, they did not come into the world with their issues that needed to be worked with. They like their children came into the world as healthy babies. We have to stop the senseless cycle of incarceration and hiding from the truth. These are problems we are anesthetizing with drugs and alcohol. Babies coming into the world have the right and freedom to pursue happiness and not a life of needless suffering so someone else can have the financial security that comes for being a part of the criminal justice industrial complex.

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One Response to Day 49 (May the Gray Ghost RIP)

  1. So sorry to hear that you fell victim to the hurricane. I’m hoping you’ll quickly find the funds to repair and resume your work.

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