Day 51 (Drive on and get the message out)

Miles traveled: 109 miles                                                                                                            Total miles traveled: 8,828                                                                                                 Location: New Haven, Connecticut

Least we forget:  So we hit a bump in the road about getting the message out about Women and Children in the Jails and Prisons of the nation. Let it be clearly understood: the message is powerful and the delivery is clear. I will go anywhere at any time I am not teaching in prison to deliver the message to any group in any venue. If the venue can be reached in time between classes, I will ride to where ever on the bike I will have at the time.

A Shadow or Gray Ghost it is not: Thinking back to the sign in Butte, Montana that said: four wheels move the body and 2 wheels move the soul, I now totally understand it from many but many perspectives. Do not look forward to the drive to New Haven that will start in an hour or two. The clerk left the air on a full blast and turned it off and then put down the window because it just did not feel comfortable.

 Carrying the load:  both the Shadow and the Gray Ghost carried on two wheels takes the full trunk space of the car. At first, I found it hard to believe but there lies the truth in the photo. Two big bags and a roll that effectively fill the trunk so that nothing else can fit in. Then what was carried in the saddle bags fills the trunk.


Collateral Damage:  It was amazing but true that all the electronics left in the water proof saddle bags was not damaged by the storm or the falling of the tree. the main trunk went across my right handle bar and gas tank. I pulled the LED projector out and did a test run on it this morning. It fired up without a burp. If nothing else better than ever. For a machine that has ridden in the bags for over 9,000 miles and never missed a beat when called on to perform. Most groups were not able to find a projector for the computer and this projector throws up an image of about 100 inches in diameter. A tough lifttle piece of equipment that can be put in a narrow brief case. All the other small stuff that is also individually packed in water proof containers works without trouble. The universe has to be telling me that the message may be important but there was something that had to be done here with Fleet, Kate and myself. Know that it got done. Also, know I now have the check from Geico in hand and it is off to New Haven: a new presentation and we will find how far we canb stretch to find a suitable follow on for both the Shadow and the Gray Ghost.

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