Day 52 (The satin lady has arrived)

Miles traveled: 47                                                                                                                         Total miles traveled: 8,875                                                                                                  Location: New Haven, Conn.

A new lady has stepped up to the plate: Don’t know that there has ever been such a strange deal go down but here it goes. Walked into the dealership and the bike I wanted had problems with lien holders and the owner brought me over to this one and said this is the one I wanted.  He said that this was a one owner bike who brought it into the shop for maintenance and upgrades. Being as it was a 2004 with 40,000 miles I was not impressed with the story line. However, the engine and body was identical to mine old one and they had pulled me through 9,000 miles to the four  corners of the nation. Then he said the bike owner was a woman. That got my attention.

Lighted up like a debutant going to a cotillion: I considered lighting in diminished visibility like rain and fog at night to be my biggest safety hazards. Had been trying to upgrade the lights on the gray ghost but it was an up hill battle because no one really had a good handle on it. Took one look at her tail and i was impressed. It was all LED plus the paint job was a brighter silver. Ad two red LEDs on top of the license plate that flash six times and then turn red when I tap the brakes. Night driving just got a lot better.

New focus: The bridge between the old and the new bikes was a rented car. I snapped a photo of what it felt like to be in a car and there was a degree of claustrophobia as compared to the open air over a windshield. No sense of air, vision, temperature or anything other than the cramped compartment of sterility.


Superstitious: Now, if I were a superstitious person, it could be said that the universe has sent me a message in this story line. I was diverted to Fleet and Kate house with the change of mission then sent down to New Haven in a rented chariot to confirm my vision and awaiting me was a package designed to accommodate my new direction. This is not a change of message but getting the word out to anyone that wants to know of Women and Children in the Jails and Prisons of the Nation is the new dimension to the what I am already doing.

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