Day 53 (She is a dear deer)

Miles traveled: 373                                                                                                                      Total Miles Traveled: 9,248                                                                                                Location: Spotsylvania, VA

Least We Forget: A couple of days ago in the New Haven Register, there was an editorial that started out: Leon Trotsky is reputed to have quipped,”You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.” Then it went on for a word substitution of ‘climate change’ for ‘war’. I would take it one step further and substitute ‘women and children in the jails and prisons of the nation’ for ‘war’. It is your money not to mention your safety that is going to pay for a cultural dysfunction that exploits their pain and suffering so that politicians can get the political gold of money and votes for campaigns and others will get the financial stability that comes from processing them through the criminal justice system in a cavalier manner.

Its a what? I had the dealership pull off a cover connecting the two forks on the front tire over the handle bars to put my GPS in the same spot. Yesterday morning, when I was loading the bike, I noticed a small metal/plastic figure glued between the fork bolts. It appears to be a mermaid bottom and fairy top. Never, heard of such a thing and tried to remove it but it was going nowhere so I left it and finished mounting my GPS. A superstitious person I am not. However, considering what I do and all that has happened in the last 60 or so days, the coincidence, synchronicity, Karma or what not of this I will accept and as I was doing a solo ride from New Haven through New York City, Newark, Baltimore and Washington (during evening rush hour on the eve of labor day week-end), I was glad to have it as a talisman and will keep it.

What a set of pipes:  This little girl has a set of pipes that she struts down the avenue in a way that gets everyone’s attention on the avenue that have to be a few decibels just below the legal limit. Don’t know that if I had heard them clearly prior to purchase that it would have been a deal breaker but it would have gotten my attention.  After getting over the Washington bridge and through New York City traffic, got to say she has spunk, spit and is sassy with the 18 wheelers. She took on all comers without hesitation but with a grace and elegance I have yet to experience.  Washington rush hour traffic on the eve of a labor day week-end left her frustrated and bored. Between New Haven and Washington there were maybe five motor cycles on the road and I understand why. However, south of Washington, they came out of the wood work like bees from a hive.  Did not know motorcycles could use the HOV lane till I passed the last entrance headed south. Then the lady danced with frustration as her brethren went flying by. She would have crossed the yellow lines as they had in Los Angeles but Washington had concrete barriers. I am sure she would have attempted a leap as Steve McQueen did in the Great Escape given the barriers had been barb wire.

Climate change: While passing Newark, there was this big yellow cloud of pollution settled over the city. Not a big believer in Al Gore or his exploitation of of climate change but as I was passing Newark, could not help but think there must be at least a hundred Newark’s in our country alone spewing pollution into the air at a fairly constant rate 24/7. Don’t know that mother nature is prepared or able to absorb this without some kind of blow-back. Knowing mother nature is most amoral of characters the bill when it comes due is going to be enormous to be paid in full without a hint of sympathy.

And down came the rains, again: it’s hard to see the rain on the windshield and the traffic was too heavy and moving too fast to hang around for another shot but mother nature was not going to let me ride the highways on a new to me bike without a proper baptism of rain and that it did. Am almost tempted to call the bike a mermaid of sorts because she handled the rain like she was born into the water. I didn’t as I am still a prisoner of my cultural biases of staying dry.

I like: As I-95 runs out of New York and south into New Jersey, there is a deviation I have seen no where else in the country. There is a seperate two lane road that runs parallel to I-95 for trucks only. That makes I-95 a three lane interstate for cars only. A wonderful concept. the traffic moves faster and in a more orderly fashion.


Tight living:  Tried to get a photograph of the high density apartments as I was coming into New York City on I-95 but the traffic was such that it was better to keep both hands on the handle bars rather than trying out the photographer role. Two thoughts predominated. The first being of a series of high security facilities where the inmates get the run of the compound during the day and in an orderly manner return to their individual cells at night. Then the second was of trained rats let out of their cages but knowing that periodically they would return after they had gone through the steps they had been trained to perform. Was trying to visualize what mean life had under such circumstances. But then again, was is the difference of living in a high density apartment house, high security prison and Gainesville if there is no meaning to life. Then it becomes the quality of the cage we choose to life in while alive.

Old business: I have mentioned at a couple of gas stations here and there that I have seen signs where they will offer 6 or so cents discount on gasoline if you pay cash instead of using a credit card. I thought this was just a weirdo movement of some sort but in yesterday’s Fredricksbueg newspaper there was an actual editorial on how it works. Pump ponderings It is a short editorial and very well written. I am having a hard time believing that not only are they taxing us a percentage on the gallon of gas but that they are too big to fail and we are shoring them up by paying for their stupidity.

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