Houses of Healing

The Lion Heart Foundation

In giving talks around the nation, I have often been approached with this sentence: I would love to help in some way but I have no special skills. I suggest that these people get in contact with the Lion Heart Foundation.

They have an incredibly good program that almost any volunteer can learn to use. They provide a good study book and course materials. It is time tested.

Too often, I have heard the phrase that if I had not come to prison, I would be dead now. That is a reference to how many of their friends have died from drug overdoses or killed in drug deals gone bad. This is the time for intervention and for the most part there is no intervention.

In one case of no intervention, a young lady who had everything to live for of some 19 years I knew came to prison on a drug charge had no treatment and went back to the same home she came from where within two weeks she died in the family bathroom from an overdose of heroine. Her mother and father were doctors.

In the case of the Houses of Healing programs, you can learn everything you need to know from the program course materials. However, the biggest plus and most of your credibility will come from simply being honest and caring.

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